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What a fun night with the Chapmans! Topped with a great meal at Chili's with our wonderful waitress, Tracey!Me at the bowling alley  with Michelle, and her cousin Ann. Now where's Patrick?


Saturday, July 21, 2001
(Listening to Ben Folds Five - Birds)

I'm going to make a popup page for all the sites that have kindly linked to me. I get a lot of requests for link exchanges, but I have to say no to permanent linking because the links I put on my site in the sidebar are of sites that I truly enjoy and that I check up on a daily and regular basis. Even when they continue to link me, sometimes I outgrow my fancy for the site and they're replaced by a new addiction. Nothing personal, just that I've changed my daily rotation to other sites. So yeah, this will give much smaller sites that link to me and think I don't notice a little reciprocal love back in return.

(Listening to Pachabel - Cannon in D)

Stayed at home last night, even though Lauren wanted me to go with her to go watch "America's Sweethearts". I think I can go without watching another chick flick for a while...

Well during dinner my dad had a "talk" with me, one of those "damn-it-Bin-you're-in-for-a-long-lecture" type talk. It's about college and about my grades. They don't send grades home to the parents, which I think is a good idea, it should be handled and dealt with by the student, but my dad wants to be notified about how my grades are doing. And even more incredulous is the fact that he wanted me to promise him all A's! I told him straight up I could never tell him that. No way in hell. I barely got All A's a few times in high school, trying to get that in college and promising someone that is total bullshit. So as much as he demanded that I just work my ass off for the grades, I never made the promise.

So instead of going out I started writing a new song. Something upbeat, still emo of course, but I really like it ;) It put a smile on my face to see ideas exploding in my head and me jotting them down frantically in my notebook. Then my dad walked in with the cordless, and guess who called? Emily. What was so cool about it was I didn't feel weird. At all. Lately, I've been reserved around her, but we just talked like old times, and laughed and it was great! Then again, she started the conversation on a good note. I'd drove over to her house earlier to drop off the 2nd Harry Potter book (that I didn't read, but I will read it sometime!) and no one was there so I left the book on the front porch with a note. Well she calls up and I ask her about if she got the book or not, and she told me that she saw something laying tattered all over the driveway, and said maybe the neighborhood dogs might have torn it up. I thought, "Oh crap! I gotta go buy her a new book tomorrow!" and then she was like, "Gotcha!" Grrrr....sneaky Emily, I knew it all along ;)

Friday, July 20, 2001
(Listening to Saliva - Your Disease)

I had to go up to WCJC to see if they could mail my transcript but I went too late and since I was running low on gas for my car, I went to HEB to gas up. Who do I find there? Patrick and Lauren, both in their own vehicles. Lauren had a friend with her, Laura. She'll be a sophmore at UT (good choice!) and she seemed pretty cool. Maybe we'll bump into each other when school starts, who knows...

Patrick and I went to Radio Shack to look at cell phones and although I'm not getting one here in Wharton, my mom thinks it's a great idea for me to get a phone when I get up to Austin (YAY!). Now if only it comes with caller id so I can tell if it's my mom calling, or a buddy of mine ;) The plan I'm looking at gets me 2400 minutes a month I think. Quite a bunch, surely enough for me I'd hope!

We got a quick hair-cut after that, I want my bangs back and they're not growing fast enough! And I'm contemplating highlighting my hair or dying the bangs again...I mean, it was cool....right?

(Listening to The Ataris - 1-15-96)

I can't believe it. I'm going to be a college student and I don't have a cell phone. More importantly, I'm an asian-american college student and I don't have a cell phone (some of you might get it...heh). What's the deal?! I really need to be looking up plans when I get there, I mean, it's almost a requirement, and just as important as textbooks. How are people going to reach me? How am I going to be giving contact information? I can see myself now...

"Hey (insert girl's name). It was nice talking to you, maybe we can go catch a campus movie sometime".

"Sure that'd be nice! Here's my number. Can I have your number?" *giggles*

"Um...I'm too cool for that. I've got a mailing address that you can write me at, and I'll get back to you in 4-5 business days".

(Listening to Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of)

There's been more details released about the car accident and the death of David Tucker and the injury of Travis Garza here. Patrick's doing his part to contact friends about the tragedy and get word out about the accident. What I didn't think about is, and that Patrick brought to light was the fact that since Travis Garza did survive and the two were really close friends, he may be brought up on involuntary manslaughter charges. That hurts to barely live through a car wreck, endure painful hospital recuperation, watch a close friend die, and then have to serve time for it. That's a whole lot to be going through. Travis shouldn't even have to be worrying about court and prosecution right now, but sadly it's a part of the whole ordeal. Hopefully he'll be ok and his family and friends will be there for him.

(Listening to Peter Searcy - Losing Light Fast)

Husband's internet date turns out to be his wife. Just goes to show you that the internet isn't the way to go about hooking it up. When you get down to it, it's still all about looking her in the eye and knowing that she's really right for you and that she's the one you've been looking for. Not how many words per minute she can type on her laptop.

Since the 4 days I've been gone, I've noticed a few little things change. They're just online changes, and they're sites that I use daily, sometimes quite a few times the same day.

First off is my Hotmail account. They overhauled the interface and dressed it up once again. I still remember the really old gui that they had, and then they re-did it again. And again, and now this ;) I actually like each new version, it's cool and they're able to streamline things a bit. It always takes Microsoft a bunch of tries to get something right.

The other site is webstream. Run by the extremely talented Jenett, he's redesigned his personal blog/journal into a very attractive popup menu that I really like ;) The site is even more attractive now! He's got nonstop projects...many of you know him as the God that created Coolstop, DailyWebThing (which I'm a proud member of!), Intersect (which I plan to contribute to, considering they'll accept any of my work), and of course the infamous Ageless Project. Yes indeedy, this man is a genius, and also my AORTAL pick for the week.

Thursday, July 19, 2001
(Listening to Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven)

A friend of mine passed away today. I didn't know him too well, but I'd talked to him before a few times and we went to the same school and we knew a lot of the same people. In a town like Wharton, you get to know everyone. So it came to me as great shock when Patrick showed up at my house seeing if I would go with him to the hospital emergency room. It seems Travis Garza was in a car accident. He's just cut up and bruised. It was David Tucker who didn't make it. 16 years old and gone. In a blink of an eye someone you know, care about, hang around with, can be gone. My condolences to their family and friends, and may he rest in peace. So sad to see such a young man die like this, so much ahead of him to be leaving in a fatal car accident. It's not fair, and it's not right, but it is life.

I ask that you hold these young men in your prayers and that David Tucker rest in peace.

(Listening to Third Day - City on a Hill)

Sorry this isn't that comprehensive (hahaha!), and chances are that I left a lot of stuff out because I had a journal with all the detailed accounts of my trip in my Palm but they got erased (somehow) and I lost it. So I'll just give a rundown of what I can remember.

Day 1 - July 15, 2001 - Sunday

I had to wait on Brad to get to my house, and when they finally got here, my dad and Bruce (Brad's dad) yapped on and on for a while about college and how to go about getting to our destination. By this time, my head was hurting, and the children Tylenol I had wasn't helping too much. I told Brad not to piss me off, especcially when I was driving, and he wisely took heed. We went and picked up Patrick from his house, and we were off, following my family all the way to Columbus. We stopped to eat at McDonalds (packed with people) and then were off to Austin. I was all grumpy at first, but after the first hour or so of driving, and a few cd changes later, I was all cheery and shook off the funk/stupor I was in. The driving was horrible monotonous, and I chased my dad's Honda Accord for about two hours till it was dark and we were finally in Austin. We passed a few landmarks (the enormous electronic sign dedicated to a tiny shack that sold walnuts or something like that) and a water tower that looked like a lego-man. We stopped at a gas station because we were all skeptic about Brad's crazy directions (for good reason) and my dad bought a map and we found Dobie Center easily enough after that and promptly moved in and bid my parents sayonara. Brad's dorm was sort of cramped, but that's because he's really lacking in organization skills and the place is really cluttered with junk. If he optimized his living space, it could be nice. His roommate wasn't around today, so I slept in his bed instead of on the floor with my ninja turtle sleeping bag. Except we didn't get any sleep or rest until really later tonight. Patrick thought it'd be a good idea to go visit his brother, so after I drove around for a while and found some free (illegal?) parking, we phoned his bro and we took a trip down to his house in Austin. It was a pretty cool house, a few instruments everywhere, nice furniture, a cool place to be living in this busy city. We watched VH1, "Behind the Music" for a while and then around midnight we went back to our dorms to get some sleep so we could check in on time in the morning the next day.

Day 2 - July 16, 2001 - Monday

Got up bright and early to take a shower and get dressed to attend check-in. Patrick and I got in there pretty early and there was already a fairly long line, that grew even longer as the time passed. Then we trekked around the campus, heading to the main building to check up on fees, got our student id cards made and walked all away across the campus to pay for the cards, and went to check on financial aid. There was this tall chick that was sitting in the chairs near me when I was waiting for Patrick to get his stuff handled, and she smiled at me, and I don't know what I was thinking but I think I blew her off. Doh! She was really cute, but I couldn't tell her age! Some girls are hard to tell if they're a freshman or if they're already in their 20's. Why does it matter? It doesn't, but I'm just wussy and scared like that. After that we went back to our room and took Brad's key. Then we walked a few miles to go to a nearby (ha!) hardware store and tried to get our key duplicated, but they wouldn't do it without consent from the University because the key blatantly says, "Do Not Duplicate". So we had to walk all the way back, for nothing. We had some time to kill before our wing meeting, so we took Brad's meal card and went to go eat for free at Jester Hall's cafeteria. Some guy came and set by our table (Juan) and he seemed pretty cool. He was telling us about his really homosexual roommate, sounded pretty flaming...but anyway, we finished eating, told him bye and headed off to our wing meeting. I had trouble finding my room at first, and Patrick found his easy enough, so he came with me to go look for mine. Well we finally found my room, and there was this beautiful girl that walked in (I don't want to use the word "hot", it wasn't like that. There's "puddle of drool, go gaga hot" and then there are girls who are beautiful, I don't really know how to explain it. Pure might be a good word for it, I think). There wasn't any one else in the room yet, and I was about 15 minutes early. She went and sat down, and I was outside the door talking to Patrick.

"Patrick! Did you see that cute girl?!"

"Yeah Bin, that's all you dude!"

"Um...yeah. Wait, it's not time yet, don't leave..."

"No, you go get it bro, talk to you later!"

"Dude don't leave! I'll get locked out of the room!"

"Bye dude, you'll do fine..."


But I got the courage to go sit down by her in a huge empty room (what?! All the seats were taken, so I was forced to sit next to her...heh) and I introduced myself. Elaine Davis. I didn't know what type of person she was at first, but I was just being myself, and getting to know her. When I was talking to her, she was studying to place out of a French course, and I didn't want to bother her but she kept talking to me, so I was like, "Sure why not". She lives in Austin and wants to be a nutrition major (ha!) and it wasn't until later in our talking that I found out that she was a really devout Christian. Not one of those "Yeah I go to church every Sunday because my mom makes me type) but one of those "live, breathe, the faith type of girl. Which was cool, I'd rather make friends with someone with morals and beliefs than some brainless skank. And it wasn't until deeper into our conversation that I picked up on how intelligent she was. She was really cool in the fact that she carried herself by being herself, nothing over the top, nor was she downplaying anything either. And we just clicked. We got to talking about all sorts of stuff: movies, music (she used to be in band, she plays guitar, christian songs of course, and she does sing), college life, religion and beliefs, and just life in general. She's going to be staying at Dobie (where Brad is now) even though she lives in Austin. And the whole time, I was seeing someone past the pretty face and the gorgeous body. I'm not sure what she saw in me but we laughed a lot (always a good sign) and it was just great. Even when people started filling up chairs around us, we were completely in a different zone, talking and talking and laughing and grinning. Her smile was so warm and welcoming, and I was just so completely stoked the entire time that on my first day I'd met such a great and wonderful person! We walked together to the auditorium where they put on a skit and talked on the way up there, mostly about music and stuff. She's really into christian bands, and I tried to drop as many christian rock band names as I could (DC Talk, Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Supertones) and she told me she can sing and play guitar and that she's trying to write christian songs. The play was mighty dorky, but it had deans and other upper-level professors and figures come and speak. The highlight was probably when the scientist came to speak and make a trashcan explode into the air by mixing some chemicals ;) We went back to the dorms to chill for a while and eat a big bowl of nachos, and Brad came with us to go to the free BBQ thing that UT was having, and we got us free dinner and listened to a live band (which I enjoyed, but Patrick was being critical so we left after we finished our plate) and we went to the arcade across the street on Guadalupe St. and Brad and Patrick played a few games while I just sat and watched. Most of my attention was fixed on watching this asian-american guy play Dance Dance Revolution and do like 100+ combos in a row by stomping on these blinking pads in sync with the arrows whizzing by on screen. We hung around the area checking out shops and stuff till it got time for our second wing meeting so Patrick and I bolted off to go attend. I didn't go sit by Elaine this time, but after the wing meeting, and on our walk to the UTC building to watch a presentation, she flagged me down and we walked to go see "The Tower's Many Faces", a very interesting presentation about stereotypes and misconceptions. Definitely a lot of brainfood for students, and even better because Elaine and I had so much to talk about and discuss. We got to talking about religion and I kept noticing how bright she was. It got me thinking that just about anyone I meet on this campus would likely be smart, and most likely more intelligent than me ;) Sorta scary! We got to talking about favorite movies, and I told her that I'd seen Moulin Rouge twice and I scored major brownie points for that. Seems every girl has seen it, and every girl loves it. And every girl can recite all the dialogue and music to the T. After the presentation the group had a discussion back in the meeting room and it seems she was very opinionated about a lot of the topics, in fact, she had something to say for everything, and I was so suprised. I was starting to panic at how intelligent she was, what if I was too stupid to be around her? Anyways, we walked to the front of Jester's Hall before I told her good night and watched as she walked into the distance towards her car. This night I'd be skipping back to the dorm ;) I told Patrick and Brad about it, and Patrick was like "I told you so!" He didn't have as much luck as I did. In fact, he said there weren't many cute girls in his meeting group, and the only girl he talked to was a lesbian (later on I would verify that she was indeed carnie and looked very much like a gruffy man...I'm not kidding!). We took my car to go to 6th street and hang around there, but there was no parking at all and after 30 minutes of circling around almost dying at every stop sign, we went back and parked it back at the school. We walked to Taco Cabana and got dinner (for the third time today) and then we got bored so we went by the pool at Dobie where it was deserted and just sat on lounge chairs, just Patrick, Brad, and I, and talked. We talked about relationships and girls for the most part. Past relationships, future relationships, lack of relationships *cough cough Brad cough cough*, certain girls, types of girls, just a lot of interesting guy talk. I don't want to delve any deeper than this, but it was pretty fun hearing what people thought and about their own situations and stuff. It seems Patrick and I have changed roles. Lately, for some strange reason that I don't understand at all, I've been extremely well off as far as relationships and girls and stuff, and Patrick has a lot of duds and now a man-looking lesbian to show for it (sorry Pat, low blow, I know ;) Just trying to enjoy it while I can!). But it was really hilarious just thinking about it, how things are unfolding, and how lame Brad was (he'll admit it). It was getting late, so around 1:30 or so in the morning we drug ourselves back into the dorm for sleep. Todd (Brad's semi-dorky roommate) was fast asleep in his bed, so I laid on the floor and got some sleep.

Day 3 - July 17, 2001 - Tuesday

This morning I got up early and everyone was fast asleep so I made some poptarts and watched some television till Patrick woke up. We went and got some stuff handled (making accounts, handling fees and stuff) and the got some lunch at the Jester cafeteria. Soon after we had to run off to attend our wing meeting. I didn't go sit by Elaine again (why? I don't really know, maybe I was scared maybe she was just bored and just wanted to make conversation) but our group had to do some walking to head to an outside meeting place to get grouped into our respective majors, and she caught up to me and we talked some on the way over there. She bumped into a friend of her's and she introduced me to her (already forgot her name, started with a "B") but I let those two talk and just walked on my own to the auditorium where all the natural science majors gathered, and were dissected into smaller fields (biology, pre-cs, etc.). When each major was declared, they encouraged people to cheer. The computer science group was the loudest, and when the guy said nutrition, Elaine was the only one to give a cheer, it was so funny ;) After that we had to leave and go to another meeting with our major's group and it was pretty boring. I looked around at all the computer science majors and all I could see were a sea of geeks and social misfits. I felt so out of place, so inferior, so un-dorky. And we took a little quiz and I scored a 58. Which wasn't bad. The guy to my right got an 8 and the asian-american guy to my left got an 118. Go figure ;) I was ready to get out of there, and I had doubts about my major. Was I dorky enough to make it through computer science? There were some really nerdy people here, and I was feeling insecure of myself. I don't study as much as I'd like, I was doomed because I had what resembled a social life...my grades would drop...but I didn't worry about it too much. We got some dinner somewheres (don't remember anymore) and then we had yet another wing meeting (couldn't find my manila envelope with all my vital stuff in it) and this time I sat right by Elaine. She was sitting by this hot chick (I saw hot because well, she was hot, a blond bombshell, but she wasn't beautiful, and this campus is already overrun with "hot" girls, and I wouldn't die without seeing or meeting another one). But I let those two talk and our group went to see yet another skit/play at an auditorium and I didn't get to talk to Elaine since people were sitting between us, so I just enjoyed the skit. It was about sexual assault, personal safety, and drinking in moderation. Very imformative, and it brought to light how cautious and precautions we should take around campus. After it, I talked to Elaine some more, asked her what she thought about it, and she said most of it she'd heard before numerous times. She used to work with the D.A. (District Attorney) and so they handle all sorts of cases like that. I walked her to her car (gee, I like to park waaaay on the other side ;) but it was nice and she's so likable, but she (like all other girls) are so hard to read and I couldn't really tell what she was thinking, but I could tell she enjoyed my company, and I was content with that. If nothing else, at least I'd made an incredible friend. Tamara (Brad's sister) was over today and I helped them put up a ton of punk rock flyers all over the campus. I was getting really hungry, and we were out and about for at least two hours just walking the campus tagging kiosks with those pesky flyers, and we finally stopped by Jester Center to get my pizza and silence my growling tummy. I was ready to go to sleep, but Patrick, Brad, and his sister stayed out till really really late, and they were loud and I kept waking up!

Day 4 - July 18, 2001 - Wednesday

Got up early, took a shower, and I was out the door to my academic advising meeting. Here they'd tell me the classes I should be taking, and answer all the questions we'd have about our courses and registration woes. Today I was really worrying if computer science was right for me. I wanted to switch to computer engineering but when I found out I'd be behind a semester I decided I'd give CS a try and hopefully tough it out and force myself to learn all the code, theory, and algorithms. I met some guy who was in the same room with me during advising as I was walking back to the dorms (already forgot his name, couldn't pronounce it in the first place) but he seemed pretty cool. He was from Houston and he actually looked familiar...such a small world ;) When I got back, I woke Patrick up so he could attend his session, and after that we went to go meet up with his lesbian buddy (that's when I finally saw her, and yes she looks like a man, and would make a wonderful carnival booth operator). She seemed nice though, didn't talk much. I went back to the dorm since Patrick had another meeting and munched on some nachos and took a light nap until it was time for my last wing meeting. I sat by Elaine and she showed me all the courses she'd chosen (she'd gotten into a FIG - Freshman Interest Group) so most of her classes her already selected through that and her other class that she chose was anthropology (?) so it's not likely that we'll have classes together, but since she'll be in Dobie, I'm sure we'll run into each other sometime when school starts. I mean, I'll be in Dobie....visiting....Brad ;) So we chatted through out the wing meeting while the advisors were fielding questions, and when the session ended, I had a question to ask about my SAT II scores and when I looked back she was already gone! No final goodbye! And when I got outside, she was already quite a ways down the street. I know I'd look really foolish chasing after her, so I just smiled and walked away. If we see each other again, great! If not, oh well. Good to know I can make friends with a total stranger and be confident about it. So maybe you'll hear more about Elaine when school starts, maybe not, who knows. I told Tamara how it went and she was proud. I did the right thing, and it all worked well. I couldn't expect too much, and Tamara said I could just look her up in the directory when I'm in town, and it'd be cool. I grabbed some pizza from the Dobie Mall since I couldn't find anyone in the room and I had the room key. Almost had to beat up a little kid (forgot to mention, there were a gazillion little kids and young girls there for soccer and volleyball camp, and it made elevator use practically unusable) because he and a bunch of his little guy friends were just going up and down the elevators, thinking it was fun going all the way up to the 27th floor and back down and back up, etc. Well I hit the 5th floor and the kid tried to go to 27th but I swatted his hand away and gave him some choice words about goofing around and how people didn't have time to waste like this. When I got to the dorm I left the door open as I looked in my course schedule book to pick classes and try to schedule them. Well a girl from down the hall (Georgina) was carrying laundry and she saw me and the junky room and sort of gasped.

I was like, "Um...this isn't my room. This is Brad's room..."

"Yeah I know...."

At this point she was bug-eyed at how junky it was, and possibly how life could exist in such filth.

Anyways, I introduced myself to her, and I went back to my work and my pizza slice and she walked off with her laundry.

Tonight we'd get in my car and go to a friend of Tamara's and play instruments at their house. I actually played a bit of bass (had to flip it over since I'm left-handed of course) and I even attempted to carry a beat with the drums. Bradley really fell off the guitar a lot, but besides that, it was entertaining. Pat and I took some backalleys and went to a gas station to get some drinks although we wanted some more dinner. Went to sleep around midnight while Bradley and Tamara went off to go watch a campus movie.

Day 5 - July 19, 2001 - Thursday

Got up really really early today since today was registration and headed over to the UGL Library where there was already a huge line waiting to get in there and use the computers to register for their classes. I was in on the first batch and I got most of my classes with ease (and scheduled in the morning too, just like I wanted!) but the alternative course was giving me trouble. I really wanted to get into "Contemporary Moral Problems" because it was a philosophy class and would count as my fine art and sounded really interesting and I knew for a fact there'd be some really nice intellectuals to converse and debate with there, but all the courses were booked out, and after half an hour of search through classes, I just picked a Freshman seminar class and got "Adventures in the Country". It's a silly writing composition class, a blow off class so to speak. I'll probably drop it and add the class I wanted when it becomes open in the fall, we'll see. If not, it'll just serve as an elective. After that, I waited a bit till Patrick got back from his registration, and then we packed up and were gone. We had to brave a huge wave of parents and their kids as the soccer kids were getting carted off and heading back home. The trip home was not fun. I kept dozing off, and my eyelids kept shutting and about an hour or so of driving we finally stopped at a McDonald to eat. But what's worse was Brad told us to go to Riverside and get home that route, but we ended up getting into San Marcos that way and we basically took the long ass scenic redirect route, and it added about half an hour to our time and more gas wasted :( But we made it home safely by 3, and I guess it's good to be back, but geez, once you get a taste of college life in Austin, hard to leave it ;)

My orientation trip was kick ass, and I didn't have to get intoxicated, or drugged or anything, and I just had a blast everyday and I'm leaving with good memories and anticipating so much more in the fall ;)


(Listening to The Ataris - My Hotel Year)

Besides the bunches and bunches of e-mail (suprise suprise!) I got a really weird one from a girl I met at last year's speech and drama tournament. Didn't think she'd still remember who I was, let alone give me an e-mail out of the blue...

Anyway, cool to be back in town, going up to UT has most definitely been an experience for me, a pleasant one to say the least.

BTW, my day journal that I kept on my Palm, I think it was erased completely because when I went to go get my car to put our luggage in today, Bradley and Patrick were messing around with it and either reset it somehow or they or I left it on and the batteries died out on it and reset the palm :( So not cool, because now I can't remember every little thing that happened, and I had basically the whole trip documented... :(

(Listening to The Ataris - In Spite of the World)

I'm back.

Sunday, July 15, 2001
(Listening to Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Had)

Great. I've got a mild headache, my eyes are bloodshot, I'm feeling lethargic, I can't find any eye drops for the love of me, and I've got a 3 hour drive ahead of me that I have to drive with two morons riding along. I'm sort of on edge right now, I really hope neither of them piss me off, I can do without it since like many can attest to, I'm not the greatest of drivers...

So where the hell is Bradley? He should have been here 15 minutes ago, and we weren't even suppose to be waiting on him! Patrick is already off work and at his house, and Bradley's probably packing his stupid amp for his guitar which I explicitly told him not to bring along because we don't have room and he stinks horribly at guitar and already has an amp in his dorm.

(Listening to Saves the Day - Hold)

Saves the Day - Hold

Oh well, you've got me under your spell and I don't think that I'm kidding around.

I don't think I can forget you now. I once sat up on my roof and examined the planning of my town.

I saw the structured grid and pavement cutting through grass and I remembered the cold of winter running up the legs of my pants.

I picked the nicest lawn and imagined the two of us rolling around down along the ground.

I saw myself touch your face and I noticed jets begin to race above our heads.
But I pinched my arm and remembered how much you hate me.

I remembered the fact that I can't see what you need and I'm too stupid to be aware of the beauty that you give this place and how shitty this town would seem without you in it.

When you aren't around I let the shades fall down to shut out all the sun's light and make myself feel all right.

What am I doing with my life?

Remember that the only things we need sometimes are chilly nights and warmer thighs, 'cause there's nothing like being held.

(Listening to Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch)

I think I have all my stuff packed for my trip. Where you ask? I'm going to UT orientation! Yeah, we're going there today so we can crash in Brad's dorm and then be able to get up in the morning the next day to attend the orientation meetings. I should have access to a computer and the internet, so hopefully I can keep you update on my adventures (I can already guarantee they'll be pretty crazy since I'm sure we'll be making some stops to 6th street in Austin) but if not, bug me by e-mail, as much as I whine about it, I love getting it ;) Even better, try signing my guestbook, thanks! I think I packed everything I'll need though. I've got changes of clothes, clean underwear, socks, toileteries, my digital camera, a battery charger, my cd player, shoes, cap, money, yeah...I think that's basically it. Patrick gets off work at 5:30 so we're going to be leaving shortly after that, if you want to get in touch with me or see me before I go, please do so before that ;)

(Listening to Saves the Day - Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off to Heaven)

Wow last night was a blast! Lacey and her mom showed up, and Lacey bowled with us. Her mom wouldn't come bowl, but that's ok. I guess I bowled a decent score every time, I usually came in second place, but I really coudn't bowl that great because my eyes were bloodshot from all those nights staying up till 2 in the morning and plus I kept laughing my ass off the entire night! The funniest moment was when I got Brad to come with me, and we went to talk to Ryan Abshire (mp3 boy) who's a real dork, but the real reason was because I wanted to meet his girlfriend, Erin. So I was like, "Hey Ryan! Oh look, it's your turn to bowl..." and then his girlfriend walked over and I introduced myself...man, Lauren and Emily were right, she is pretty hot...but anyways, I was talking to her (she told she's going to be a senior next year and she lives down the road on the same street as Ryan *shudders*), and right after Ryan finished bowling he ran over and butted in (jealousy, jealousy!) and then he pulled his girl away, and I was going to go over there and talk to her anyway but Brooke walked over and grabbed me and told me it was my time to bowl...so I had to leave :( Later on in the night, Wes' hot cousin showed up, and we kept changing our bowling names all through out the night, and I kept giving her messed up names (Macy Gray, Paula Cole, Rupaul) but she was one hell of a bowler. We left around around 1 in the morning and Wes was driving like a maniac (suprise, suprise!) and I rode home with Brooke because Brad was being a lazy bastard ;)